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Thank you

I appreciate your reply too - both its content and its tone. If you don't mind my saying, much more conducive to our success and understanding each other.

I hear everything you've said here. It is clearly important and relevant. I don't think I have any disagreement with you. I am as appalled as no doubt you were by what you have been on the receiving end of given others' (non-Republicans') prejudices against those of us who would claim the mantle of Republican. I stand with you in spirit at those times.

Regarding your question, which is important for the sake of clarity: I actually answered it in my original comment, when I wrote, "as a Republican Constitutionalist (which I am, although not yet officially, as I am not yet a citizen)"...

Of course I cannot be officially a member of any party until I have citizenship (another couple of years). My identifying as "Republican Constitutionalist" is what I am in spirit/political perspective, and as soon as I become a citizen, my identifying as such will be able to become "official".

I occasionally joke that the reason I am doing everything I am doing is precisely because I cannot vote, so I need the rest of the country to vote the right way so that I don't have to leave. It is just a joke: I have no intention of giving up the fight here in the USA, where there is still a fight to join. For the country of my birth, alas, I don't think I can say the same thing.

Thanks again.