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Very good

Thank you for the understanding.

Perhaps with allot of hard work and some luck, together we may fill those open GOP seats with Ron Paul Republicans and become the change we want to behold.

I am proud to be a Ron Paul Republican. I love people, and don't blame them for their fears and brainwashing by MSM. Most folks just want to get along, they have enough problems.

Ron Paul takes a learning curve. I did not agree with him 100% in 07. It took me awhile to understand what natural rights are and what they look like outside my assumptions and imagination. Human rights do not discriminate. For example, a fetus is human, and it's personhood is underdeveloped due to it's young age. Natural human rights protect it's life. When we discriminate by dividing rights into groups, ie women, race, age, we lose natural human rights and thus our humanity. We become monsters.

May God Bless you and keep you a Ron Paul Republican.