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You mentioned above

that in 2007, you did not agree 100% with Ron Paul, that his message takes a learning curve. If you want Democrats to join the GOP to vote for Liberty Republicans, you should recognize the reality that they'll be voting for establishment Democrats until someone kickstarts their awakening from within their own party. Hopefully, by 2014 and 2016, enough of them will have gone through the "learning curve" to come around to voting for Liberty Republicans against establishment Democrats (and, yes, Freedom Democrats over establishment candidates from both parties). You still respond as if you think we are taking away Liberty Republicans by waking up Democrats. In my opinion, you should consider supporting such efforts to ensure that when Liberty Republicans inevitably win their party's nomination at all levels of government in the next two to four years, the Democrat voters needed to win the general elections aren't hearing about (and/or seriously considering) ending the Department of Education (and other "radical" positions) for the first time.