Comment: Momentary Chaos

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Momentary Chaos

When Matt Dubin of the WA RP campaign gave his speech in support of Ron Paul, he was temporarily shouted down by angry Romney supporters when he asked former Santorum and Gingrich supporters to support national delegate candidates who would promote conservative ideas and principles, not just blindly 'vote the Romney slate'.

A Ron Paul cheer started afterwards and there was palpable tension in the air. It continued for about 30 seconds.

Judging by the numbers standing at the end of his speech, we likely comprise 1/3 of the delegation. However, we may get near half if our alternates are seated.

And there are the Santorum and Gingrich delegates...much will hinge on their choices today.

Kirby Wilbur had to ask the disrespectful Romney supporters to stop yelling over Matt's speech so that we could move on.

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