Comment: I just thought of something. Hmmmm...(Smiles! :)

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I just thought of something. Hmmmm...(Smiles! :)

What if we are doing BETTER and BETTER every day and someone is very upset? (((Laughs!!!))). And what a coincidence: ON THE WEEKEND BEFORE CALIFORNIA'S PRIMARIES 4 Days away - June 5th.

Eric and Kurt and Dr. K Research and probably hundreds if not thousands of Ron Paul Supporters sent God Only Knows how many brochures to California and I am certain they have already arrived and are arriving. Many people are looking at those brochures and other Official Campaign Literature for the first time: I know. I HAVE BEEN WORKING NON-STOP handing literature!

Someone is NOT happy and you just have to wonder: Why? Hmmmmm....

Now just for fun LET'S WORK EVEN HARDER and as for myself:

I am going to look for The Best Alternative to Google I can find.


Any suggestions very welcome :)

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