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You Need A SECURED Browser !

Try downloading a Free Secured Web Surfing Search Engine ... I reccomend Ixquick . I found out about this search engine from a Patriot website about 6 months ago . They said to download it and hold onto it , just in case Google decided to resort to some dirty tricks , and DAM if they weren't right . When I typed " The Daily Paul " into the Google Search Engine , I (we) got that Warning messege ...right ? Then I closed Google and opened Ixquick , typed " The Daily Paul " into it , just like I did on the Google Engine , EXCEPT , I got onto The Daily Paul website in 3 SECONDS ... with NO Warning messages , ' like it never even happened ' ! lol

DUMP the Google search engine and use : search engine from now on !

RON PAUL 2012 ! The Enemy is running scared now !!!