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Comment: I voted this up, because I, too, think it's an . . .

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I voted this up, because I, too, think it's an . . .

important thing to discuss.

My answer is: no

one person on here said that too much information has to be given out, but my personal reason is that too much independence of spirit is lost--

it's important, even if you can't have the kind of food others think you should have--

to remain independent. When people get food stamps they aren't as inclined to be careful about what they eat and about providing their own food.

We garden, and we search hard and long for healthy affordable foods--

we have built relationships with local farmers, etc.

It's also possible, if you are energetic about doing research, to eat healthily for less by doing such things as gleaning--

depends upon where you live, but it's possible--

taking away the initiative for doing that is one of the ways food stamps are bad--


We have some people we care about (special needs) who use food stamps; it wasn't our choice/decision, but they use them, and we fear their diets aren't what they should be, for that reason--

As for housing assistance, etc., again--

if people have the cognitive ability to find alternatives, then I think it is sad for the "government corporation" to kill initiative by taking this away--

even in urban centers people can garden. There ARE alternatives to expensive housing, etc.

Robbing initiative is one of the reasons socialism is immoral--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--