Comment: Cool! My first pseudo-conservative blogger critic.

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Cool! My first pseudo-conservative blogger critic.

I'm so proud. I have just received my first scathing critique from a pseudo-conservative blogger. Of course most of it boiled down to calling me an "idiot" and a "Paulbot" (ouch!). In answering my 12 points he couldn't even manage to count all the way to 12. At first I thought it was because he only had ten fingers but how would that explain the fact that he left out "7" and "8" while having two "9"'s?(!?)

Besides his challenge with higher mathematics, he also happens to be a lying scumbag.
He pretended to answer all of my points but conveniently failed to quote my best stuff, substituting his own lame "summary" of what I said and using the excuse that "I can’t even stand to copy this stupid s**t at this point." Sure, Einstein. Copy and paste is soooooo difficult.

Don't read it. Its not worth it. But to give you an idea of his incisive commentary, he starts off,

Very recently I was asked why I hate Ron Paul so much. Now it’s partly his racist anti-Semitic attitude. Partly it’s his idiocy on foreign affairs. Partly it’s his extreme idealism about economics that takes reality and history and ignores them. And then there is his hypocrisy. But most of all it’s his followers. Paulbots are insane.


For instance let’s go with this little article that seems to be attempting to go viral “Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul).” There is wit, there is snark, there is rude sarcasm….this article which tries to insult Romney is none of those things– this is ignorance and arrogance deluded into thinking it is wisdom and humor.

It goes downhill from there.

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