Comment: Nice piece, Mark. You seem

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Nice piece, Mark. You seem

Nice piece, Mark. You seem well informed on the matter. I've never heard of 'bath salts' being used over here, nor crystal meth or pcp. I think that's interesting, cause it seems to me that the tighter drug enforcement is, the more people start looking for these alternative trips. Cheap trips, too. Because all enforcement really does is drive up the price, driving poor people into crime to escape poverty either by taking drugs, or selling them.

And it's interesting too that libertarians don't wanna discuss it. It's one of our best talking points. What happens around drugs and enforcement of drug laws is perhaps the clearest example of why state intervention a) doesn't work b) drives up prices and distorts the market c) destroys lives of people it tries to help. Most people understand that, so it's a good starting point for a discussion about libertarian ideas. But I guess that's how government intervention does function effectively, it's great at creating social taboos.