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My mother

makes it easier for me as a male. Though our entire family can argue against abortion on traditional moral grounds, we can on other people's terms as well. WHen someone says I am not qualified to have an opinion on the topic, as I have never given birth(never will, since I'm a dude), I will tell them my mother feels that they are unqualified to have an opinion, since (most of the time) most people only have a couple of kids, whereas my mother has had eight. According to my mother's logic, it is no excuse to say, if you have x amount of children, that it would be too hard to have y amount of kids, since they cannot know what is is like to have another, and if we follow the first line of logic, that a male cannot have an opinion, having never given birth, neither can a female who is giving birth, whether it is the first or eight kid they are having, since they cannot know what having eight kids is like when they have only had seven.