Comment: CDC Abortion Stats

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CDC Abortion Stats

It shouldn't make a difference that you are male and have a strong opinion about abortion.

The CDC website lists many useful facts on the number of abortions, age, race, etc. Thousands of late term abortions are done each year, many with babies who are viable outside the womb. It's barbaric and history will judge us harshly. Just think if we lived in a culture that promoted keeping our babies, rather than disposing of them. Instead we turn on the tv, or learn in our schools, how easily the "problem" is solved.

Also, we forget the women who have gone through the horrific procedure without follow-up psychological support and care. These (often) young women live the rest of their lives in regret due to a culture that pushes them to do something violent.

Dr. Paul wrote in "Liberty Defined," that if we let the states handle the issue, it would save many lives. His position does not seem good enough for some people. I think this is a step in the right direction.