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ALWAYS trust your intuition.

I believe intuition is our higher intellect, it's that deeper part of our psyche that still knows the truth. It's that part that the system hasn't domesticated out of us yet, and it raises the alarm when we're in danger or being lied to. It's our last instinctual defense against predators, whether four-legged or two-legged. Intuition should always be heeded.

That said, I have to concur with your uneasy feelings about the Judge, and I can't pinpoint why either. After all, he says all the right things and supports our guy, right? Maybe it's that he's so polished in front of the camera, just like Judge Judy. Makes it feel like he's part of the distraction sideshow. Really don't know what it is, but for some reason I question if he is authentic. It has always baffled me that they allowed his show to be on the air in the first place. Controlled opposition?
My intuition agrees with yours. I remain cautious.

** And how is it that a group that believes in personal expression, gives down votes to someone who clearly stated that he was just giving his personal opinion? So, what's that about? We're not allowed to disagree with the majority here, either?