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I don't know what the root

I don't know what the root cause is, and I doubt it's just one single thing, but it seems that unless the police show up we don't have a majority. That's sad and needs to stop.

This is a game of money vs. willpower and money is showing to be pretty damn powerful.

We need to contact everyone of the delegates we know and do what we can to get them to their respective convention. Just ask them what can we do to help you attend the convention. Simple as that. Some people may not have rides, lets get together a carpool. Some may think that Dr Paul has dropped out, show them he hasn't. Some may think Romney clinched the nomination, show them why they're wrong. Some may think he doesn't have a chance, tell them all the things that can be voted for besides delegates. There's platform reform (wouldn't it be nice to see support of the Patriot act removed from the republican platform?) Chairmen, committeemen, etc., if they don't think Paul has a chance this time around then what about finding out who the other liberty candidates are and put them in office to make things easier for the next go. Think about all the kids who weren't able to vote because they didn't turn 18 in time. Put the liberty candidates in positions of power for the kids so they can take the reigns later on.

Grassroots leaders, each and everyone of you has the responsibility to contact every delegate you can think of, not to confirm if they're going, but to ask what you can do to help them get to their convention. Whatever their reasons are for not wanting to go, those reasons aren't silly or unimportant to them so we can't treat them like they are. Offer to help them overcome their issues. You have to, we have to. There's no one else that will.
I know for at least Illinois and Indiana, they're still filling vacancies for delegate and alternates wayyyyy past what was the deadline. If you think you can get motivated enough to become one for your convention, I'm willing to help. Leave a comment or contact me through my profile. I don't want your name, address, phone number, money or stuff like that. At the most, I'll ask you for what county you live in.

Also know that it is POSSIBLE to become a delegate AT your convention if you go as just a GUEST.

If you can get motivated enough to actually get off your ass and do more than complain then I'm willing to try and help you.