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1. I don't consider DNA to

1. I don't consider DNA to be the 'essence' of what makes a person a person. There is no absolute philosophical way to determine that other than, "I know what it is when I see it."

2. Some doctors say pain starts at 20 weeks, but there is little verifiable research into the matter, but I can't possibly see how a fetus feels anything and they certainly don't remember the experience later on in life. If a fetus feels though, I imagine it would be awfully torturous to be cooped up without air eating waste products through a belly button while waiting to be pooped out of a 3 inch hole. But I really don't think the fetus has any sensations whatsoever. And the kicking is involuntary.

3. What does you point about the fetus implanting itself have to do with anything? Yes first the egg detaches or leaves its original location and heads south once fertilized and reattaches. Part of the body.

4. Actually now that I think of it, a fetus matches the definition of what a parasite is to the letter. Parasite = "An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense."

5. Right to remove. As I explained, I believe that just as a person has the right to cut out a parasitic twin, so too does a mother have the right to cut out a parasite. I don't mean this word derivatively, it just is what it is.

6. Finally I'll say this. I've seen a bunch of these crazy doctor shows where they do surgeries on poor people with extreme appendages in third world countries. A lot of it is very disturbing, disgusting, and provocative. I do not find an abortion to be any more so, except in as much as I believe it is better to avoid an abortion if you can.