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Comment: Andrew Wordes (the chicken man) was driven to suicide

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Andrew Wordes (the chicken man) was driven to suicide

In this case, while not even illegal YET, we can thank the U.N. and Agenda 21 & its sister org ICLEI for his city driving him to a state of utter despair. ICLEI = International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, a.k.a. "Local Governments for Sustainability." His town of Roswell, Georgia is an ICLEI member, the inspiration for its "2030 Plan," in which Wordes' property was in a planned green zone.
Check out what four years of harassment did to this animal lover.
- Wordes Before.
- Wordes After. He died just days before his 53rd birthday.

Vote for Ron Paul - who wants to end such U.N. alliances!

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