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You are right but many people dont realize that

You might be for Liberty but America and the whole culture isnt libertarian(anymore). We still need leaders who tell us what to do especially when you are in a transition period like this.

The people did not learn to think freely.

Well, Ron Paul and the campaign failed.

I see it everywhere! People are sure Ron Paul is out! They dont believe me! They dont want to talk anymore about it :/

Its just the people at the DP and some of their relatives who are totally up to date.

You cant blame the people who didnt show up. They dont know better! The campaign and Ron Paul(YES he is no god!!) are the ones to blame!

They stopped the campaign when they were about to lift of(!!!). 1-4 events and he would have had 10 000 and more people in attendance. He had the money but just stopped. WHY??? Its a shame.