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I wasn't talking about government assistance

I was talking about father, family, or community support. I think if you talk to pro-choice people about the financial aspect of childbirth and child rearing, you won't get so many walls right away. Heck, you can get a lesson in about the federal reserve while discussing abortion. We can all agree that life is getting harder and almost no one has financial security.
From my perspective, the only pro-life voices I had ever heard (before Ron Paul) were people holding big signs with horrible pictures on them. And rumors that those pro-life people kill abortion doctors made them look like hypocrites.
With a kinder approach from different perspectives we would be able to change more minds. We need to get the conversation of love and life out into the public to counteract the general acceptance of abortion.
I think most women love their babies and are protective of them. Somehow, if a woman isn't prepared to give a child a good life she protects the baby (and herself) by aborting it. Isn't that foolish? Protection by death? It reminds me of the Japanese suicide practice called oyako shinju, where a parent kills themselves and their children (since how can their child ever succeed in life without parents?). Abortion, in this case, is mother directed euthanasia to protect a baby (and herself) from the cruel world.
Some don't consider a fetus as being "alive" yet. Abortion is viewed as a do-over. But abortion doesn't harmlessly cancel out a pregnancy- a life must be taken. These people are in denial and only the gentlest approach to convert them will work.
I think our society needs a do-over. I commend you for bringing up this taboo topic with people.