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Thank You for the posting!The media hoax on Ron Paul and the campaign is definitely makes my blood boil!People need to understand to quit watching the BOOB tube and listen to their grassroots leaders!I truly believe we need to do a money bomb for delegates and alternates only!To make sure they have the money provided for them to be there!It is time we start getting serious here and make sure these delegates get there!The biggest weapon we have on our side is the phone to fight back against the bought off media!We need to start calling and supporters that have shut down there facebook accounts and any other accounts on the internet open them up and start getting the word out again!
God Bless You All!I will never give up on this country for all of us!I will not leave to my children or your children a police state country!

The American Christian will die on his feet before he will live on his knees.....

FREEDOM FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!