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I really thought Missouri was a slam dunk...Especially with St Charles, St Louis, St Louis county, KC and Springfield. Very passion caucus's and conventions. Was it a matter of money? Their jobs? It doesn't make any sense unless alot of those delegates were Santorum or Romney pretending to be RP supporters but even then, they still would have shown up at the convention. At my small county caucus, us Ron Paul supporters fought desperately to get the "golden ticket" but the neocons won. It's a shame that so many did not attend because I'm sure there were 10 RP supporters that would have given anything to take there place and be a part of history. I guess we will never but I so wanted a Missouri win for Dr Paul. One good thing though, I believe that Missouri still has 24 out of 25 delegates going to Tampa from the earlier conventions. Let me know if I am wrong