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All the alternates that came were chosen, there may have been a few CD that did not use up all their alternates. I was an alternate that was used. For all other states alternates are very important. I still think the message we got prior to the convention from Missouri RP headquarters was confusing and a downer. The CD conventions were bad also, we did not have enough at the district level. I wish I would have done more at the local caucus, our area was tough to crack. .... So many club members ..... Who thought we were intruders. 2016. ..... Go to the club and influence the next 4 years. ...... I know I will be one that keeps going to those club meetings. That's the only way to crack the establishment by infiltrating at the local level. ... Long process if you are thinking 2012 ... Goes by fast ... I've been at it since 2007 , but I know some diehards who have been at it since RP first ran .....