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Check This Out!

This is Rod Class' talkshoe page "AIB Radio", he's on top of this 14th and Bankruptcy like white on rice. Talks about the McFadden Speech; Bootleg Whiskey in respect of the Fed Notes and how the Corp had to create another class of citizenship (for themselves) to separate them from us to collateralize our signatures for the debt and why the IRS won't take cash as a form of payment.

Go listen to Episode 600 on 5/28/12, it's about 57 minutes, then work your way down that list a few more shows (Episode 599, 598, 597).

When you get to that link, scroll down the page a little to see the show archives; click the orange listen button and a small window will pop up with the player in it.

The 14th Amendment didn't make us slaves, the Bankruptcy did and he proves the bankruptcy, and his forensic auditors have proved the securitization of our signatures as collateral.

Good stuff!