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from what webster tarpley has said is romney has his 1144 delegates?and alot of other things to,so i feel Dr.Paul is done and is setting up a political carer for his son Rand Paul.I dont know what you all are going to do,but i am not voting for romney no matter who is holding his hand.we have been dupt so many dam times that im done i have given $2,500 to the campaign,bought many shirts signs stickers to help promote Dr.Paul and his ideas.Not phucking willard(the great white rhino)i hope this is seams that the power elite control every thing and any one that wants to be a politico figure.its a free ride and not one of them care about you or done they got me for everything they legalaly could.well the bildaburger group wants romney and thats who we will and see.their all ready making obama look bad.well good luck with all your eferts.anarchy is the only hope