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In reality...

We have been working on a plan for the Delegates & Alternates, and for those who want to stay in Tampa, ever since the beginning. But since we HAD to wait for the RNC to release their room blocks (which was June 1st), we couldn't begin to plan travel for them without being able to ensure that they would also have somewhere to stay when they got there.

In fact, the ONLY thing I have been working on for the last MONTH is individual State Ronvoys for Delegates & Alternates. We're almost done - we just scored a CHEAP 100 room block from Motel 6 for Delegates & Alternates - Instead of 3 or 400 a night per room, we're talking about SEVEN NIGHT at $140 including tax - this is per person, double occupancy of course - but even ONE person could afford the $280 for a week in Tampa if they wanted.

We're working on it, so bear with us! :)