Comment: The issues, not the man

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The issues, not the man

From what your brother is saying, it sounds like when you talk to him you mainly talk about the man, Ron Paul. Instead, I would approach talking about the issues - issues that are so fundamental and necessitate radical changes that Romney is completely unwilling to make.

I would question his definition of innovation - how are mortgage backed securities / derivatives / credit default swaps at all innovative. What value do they add? What is there purpose? These are inventions of bankers, meant for other bankers in order for them to 'hedge' or gamble with other people's money. This is not the innovation we need. These don't produce anything valuable, and it's right to question their existence.

If he want's to talk economy, talk economy. What does he think of the federal reserve's ability to print money and set interest rates. If money is manipulated like this, how can an economy possibly work properly - it needs to find the market value for things - including the value of money (1/2 of every transaction)? Real prices are impossible to find - especially in those places where govt interferes most - housing, healthcare, and education.