Comment: I'm glad that story didn't have a worse ending.

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I'm glad that story didn't have a worse ending.

I look at ALL cops as useless overpaid criminals. And they are criminals. Cops spend most of their time hurting individuals that have harmed no one. Cops also are vary rarely held accountable for their criminal actions.

Cops only get an income because someone else goes around putting guns to peoples heads forcing them to pay. I don't consider anyone that uses force to procure their income as 'workers' and I sure as hell don't consider them 'heroes'. Maybe one day these taxfeeders will learn what it's like to actually have to work for a living but I doubt it, seems most just like being cops to bully and hurt others. They're just grown up hall monitors and snitches.

My recommendation is for everyone is to avoid any and all contact with these dangerous, armed, unaccountable thugs if at all possible. I turn 40 in a couple months and can't think of any time in my life where I needed or wanted a cop around.

ps Stories like yours happen a hundred times a day all across america.