Comment: De-ja vu; all over again..

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De-ja vu; all over again..

Four years ago I was called home from work in the middle of the day by an hysterical wife telling me there were four detectives in the house with a warrant to search and confiscate any and all papers and computers in my house. I arrived in about ten minuets along with my nephew, an attorney, to find not only an hysterical wife but an equally, if not more hysterical eleven year old Son, and my house surrounded by police cars in the back and front.
Well to make a long story short, turns out they were there to bust a child predator which they had been 'monitoring' from accusations from a person in another state. Turns out that what was really the case was my eleven year old Son had been set up in a 'sting' operation by some damn ke-stone cop operation out of South Carolina. My fault was to let my Son have his own I-phone at that age but he was being home schooled that year and I thought it might be an advantage to him.
Anyway, everything you said in this post hit home and brought it all back. Especially peoples reactions. Disbelief, or surely someone did something bad or I am lying. With hindsight I now know for sure who was victimized; and it was my Son! Which infuriates me to this day. The cops knew they had screwed up immediately when they saw a real live kid in the house 'and made him confess'. I'll never, ever let any authority near him or my family without resistance. And you are so right and put it so well, 'until YOU feel the boot heel on YOUR neck, and they are at YOUR door'.....
Thanks for the post Libertybelle.

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