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That's interesting

BTW already in 2001 just a day before 9/11 Rumsfeld declared they can't account for 2.3 trillions of bucks (a trillion: so can one wonder they don't know where their bases are.
But no, folks I don't really know.
OK Imagine - just a couple of clicks can transfer a trillion easily. The amount depends only how many times you press the key zero. But a base, a military base, a US military base?
Should I believe they don't know where their bases are - they must supply them, so they must know where the bases are, how many personel, what type of mission etc... OK, it can be all confidential, but just a number of how many?
Or should I believe the things went so far they losed it, they really don't know and we're seriously f**ed?
What number they told us how many nukes are missing?..