Comment: Bob Chapman : (1935 - 2012) Rest In Peace My Good Friend ..

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Bob Chapman : (1935 - 2012) Rest In Peace My Good Friend ..

I received word today from my good friend Frank Underhill that Bob Chapman had passed away Monday, June 04, 2012. Bob had frequently advised yours truly on several investment opportunities. I loved that man very much. I will mourn him.

So very sad to have lost one of the key guys in the liberty movement. In recent years Bob and his family had received many death threats for the damage he had done to the NWO.

He was a very significant contributer to Gary Allen's book, "Non Dare Call It Conspiracy". At least 5 million copies of that book were sold before I first read it in the early 1980's.

I can't tell you what a blow this been for our liberty movement.

Bob Chapman...R.I.P.

Ps, I was given a heads up concerning Bob Chapman's health situation on "Coast to Coast". Both George Noory and Alex Jones were aware of Bob's fight with Pancreatic Cancer and had informed the listening audience as to Bob's status. He had returned to the U.S. from living offshore and to spend time with his family before passing.