Comment: Tommy Cryer... a great loss but a great resource!

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Tommy Cryer... a great loss but a great resource!

Tommy Cryer's passing simply lays bare the need for others to step up and take his research, his cases, and his driving energy to the plate for liberty!

No doubt there are many 'home-schooled law eagles' waiting in the wings to fly up and away for freedom, freedom from the tyranny which burdens this land! May Providence look mercifully on this land, for I see little which deserves blessing except a few faithful who have not bowed the knee as serfs!

The day is coming when each and everyone of you will be towing the line for liberty or serfdom, asked the question in action if not word, and forced to make a choice! Consider well your hearts and where you stand on truth and principle, where your priorities lie, upon which side of the line you will stand, then make that a firm and bold step for freedom!

Your families, your countrymen, your future, and eternity, all demand an answer.

The answer must be truth and righteousness, or it will be another dark ages from which recovery is not promised in this life!

Make your choice now. Like the old Jewish hearse in Amsterdam which had this slogan printed on its side:

"Repent one day before you die!"