Comment: Under RP's strict definition

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Under RP's strict definition

Under RP's strict definition of what constitutes a federal crime, I guess abortion is not something the feds can intervene in.

But what if, for example, the Minnesotan state government started gassing its people. Or if Texas decriminalized murder? And Obama sent in the national guard to intervene. Would Ron Paul be criticizing Obama for federally intervening?

The Constitution does guarantee the residents of states a republican form of government. It guarantees them equal protection, the right to the rule of law, and a legal system. Abortion is the states specifically voiding all of those rights.

Even if you say, "the states have the right to legalize murder", which is an insane position I doubt the founders would have endorsed, it is inarguable that if the states criminalize murder, they must crimnalize murder against everyone, not just "born" people.

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