Comment: Abortion is the states specifically voiding all of those rights?

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Abortion is the states specifically voiding all of those rights?

No, abortion is the FEDERAL government specifically voiding all of those rights. The states don't have any say in the matter because the Supreme Court ruled they have to legalize abortion and the Supreme Court is backed up by the other two branches of the federal government and those two branches control the army, air force, and navy. During the 1950s and 60s, states tried to defy the Supreme Court on the issue of integration. That didn't work out so well because the president controls the guns and the president will almost always back up the Supreme Court over the states.

Now, if Roe v. Wade is removed and states still continue allowing abortion, the only way to curtail that is to pass a Constitutional amendment defining when life begins and forcing each state to apply is laws against murder, homicide, and manslaughter equally to babies in the womb. That would have a hard time passing though, because feminists would bring a strong case that women who miscarry would be unjustly accused of murdering their babies and in some states be subject to the death penalty. Still others would argue that a teenage rape victim would be subject to the death penalty if she performed an abortion on herself. There just wouldn't be enough public support to pass something like that. It would take a long time to iron out all of these problems and come up with a comprehensive federal Constitutional amendment to make states criminalize abortion as a means of birth control. That's why in the meantime, Congress should do what it Constitutionally can and remove jurisdiction form the courts so the pro-life majority states CAN protect the unborn.