Comment: The devil is in the details.

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The devil is in the details.

There is good evidence that when access to abortion goes down, the death rate of women goes up. By banning abortion, just as much life passes from the world, and more children loose their mothers.

Medical science does not differiate from a fetus that "naturally" aborts, and one that does not. The more a woman exercises in the first 18 weeks of pregnancy, the greater the likelihood of her body aborting the fetus, up to 100% if she is an active athlete. To ban abortion, and to enforce it, is to walk a very dangerous line of taking all liberty and dignity away from all women. I agree with you that abortion is a from of murder, but I believe it must be a legale one if we are to live in a free society and avoid big government interference.

There are some things l love about the Pro-Life movement, and the concept that life does indeed begin at conception, but making laws about what transpire's inside my body, could take my liberty away completely.

Two cups of coffee a day will keep the baby away, do we want to live in a world where woman are never allowed access to caffeine? Can you imagine the underground market this would make?

Edit : wikipidia for some sources to my statements :