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Rest in Peace, Tom

For those who didn't know Tom Cryer, please visit his website,, or read his bio at

Or view just 10 minutes of him here:

Tom was perhaps not as visible as Bob, because he spent most of his time in the trenches as a lawyer fighting for underdogs against the IRS. As a top-notch lawyer (member of the Order of the Coif) he was besieged with people who needed his help, as the DOJ has many resources to screw people.

Tom always said we must "put the government back in its box (the constitution) one tentacle at a time." He wanted to start with forcing the IRS to concede that their jurisdiction is limited, and does not reach ordinary Americans. He understood that Liberty starts with being able to keep the fruits of your own property: your labor. Otherwise, you are a slave.

PLEASE HONOR HIS MEMORY by finding out the truth about the limited application of the federal income tax, and doing all you can to spread that message far and wide, so that future juries will refuse to convict for "failure to file" or tax evasion, as they will have become informed as to the true nature of the federal income tax.

That would make him smile, indeed.