Comment: California at 2pm - 52 Voters

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California at 2pm - 52 Voters

Folks, when I went to vote around 2pm, there had been 52 voters before me in my precinct. Keep in mind that the residential block I live on has 49 houses on it (figure 2 voters, each), and I walk past several more blocks to get to the precinct. I live in a highly populated suburb of San Francisco.

Now, assume at least another 50 voted by mail and maybe double it again for the remainder of the day's vote total.

It's still a fraction of the eligible voters. In California, the Democrats dominate, so how many people are we really talking about who voted for Romney?

I blame the media. Until the media wakes up and realizes they better do a better job or they're bankrupt, we have an uphill battle getting out an educated vote.

75% of the population are good at taking instructions. Either we get the other 25% to vote for freedom, or we have to get into a position to tell them how to vote via some medium.

What do you think?