Comment: Good News From California - John Dennis Makes the Cut

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Good News From California - John Dennis Makes the Cut

"Thanks to the support of the liberty community, last night I soundly beat three democrats and one green party candidate in yesterday’s congressional primary. This sets up a 1 on 1 contest between Pelosi and me this year!

As you know, Dr. Ron Paul previously endorsed my candidacy against Pelosi, making me one of the few liberty candidates to win a primary this election cycle.

Because of California’s new “open primary” system, I will now be the ONLY candidate on the ballot against Pelosi. That’s right, there will only be TWO choices this November: PELOSI OR ME... tyranny OR liberty.

Will you help me represent the liberty community and take on Pelosi in her own backyard?"

I highly recommend you sign up for his e-mails, as this is a race that can still make waves. We've already seen how members of the Senate can be elected president, and members of the House can lead a revolution, so this would be a good race to win.

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