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Worthy of Note

References first:

Final Battle

Secret Gag Order

Rise in Opposition

Too little too late

Winners Write History


Going back before The Constitution offers an example of what did work, which was a Democratic Federated Limited Republic.

Shays's Rebellion illustrates the battle over Fraudulent Legal Money Monopoly and competitive money solutions to that exact problem enumerated by those precise words.

Fraudulent Legal Money Monopoly

Whiskey, or anything anyone can invent and use as money, i.e. Competition in Money Markets working to move the quality of money higher (more honest) and the cost of money lower (more honest).

When the Legal Criminals who caused Honest Money to flee by way of Gresham's Law from the Sovereign State of Massachusetts they began enforcing a tax on whiskey that was payable in the gold that no one had, and The People, including decorated Revolutionary War Veterans, like Daniel Shays, rebelled against that criminal government, for that reason. Under the Articles of Confederation it was as duty to rebel against a criminal government BY PRECEDENT i.e. The Revolutionary War.

The Rebels, this time, lost, and they fled Massachusetts to Vermont, where The Federal Government had no power, by law, to return those "runaway slaves" back to Massachusetts, and in this PRECEDENT, this case exactly, the government of Vermont did not perform an extraordinary rendition, and did not return the runaway slaves to Massachusetts.

Look it up.

What to do about the runaway slave problem?

Hold as secret meeting under the guise of paying off war debts to war profiteers and that is your beloved Constitution Convention, which was a Crime in Progress, a FRAUD, a Dirty Compromise, and those who opposed it, wrote their opposition to it, in no uncertain terms.

During the ratification process, after the Fraud of that Con-Con, Patrick Henry spelled out exactly what would happen as a result of throwing out a working Democratic Federated Republic, which was what they had, and used, to throw out the largest aggressive occupying army for war profiteers (seeking to enforce a money monopoly), and which was consolidated into one Nation State by those usurpers, and those dupes, that cabal who met in secret, complete with gag orders, making their dirty deals, at that Con-Con.

In no uncertain terms, and without ambiguity, no plausible dependability, and no room for constructive interpretation, Patrick Henry spells out exactly what would happen, and that is what did happen, so don't claim to be surprised once you figure it out too, please, counterfeit surprise may clue you in as well as anything.

Ratification proceeds by way of false advertizement or going to the very Mob that the Frauds claim to be The Problem, so as to ram the false solution down our collective throats.

Then the same thing happens again, no Gold, forced out by Frauds seeking to fleece The People with dishonest money, a tax on Money Competitors who invent, produce, and use whiskey as money because there is no gold, and the tax is payable in Gold, so those who know better, but who may not be very nice, tar and feather some Tax Collector Frauds, and the expected response is?

Washington conscripts a National Army (not at all Federal if English Language is capable of conveying accurate meaning) to CRUSH the money competitors.

Note: The Army that was used to throw out the previous enforcers of Money Monopoly Power (The British) was an all volunteer army, under The Articles of Confederation.

Alien and Sedition Acts occur.

Unfair Taxes, Subsidies, Protectionism, etc. occur.

Madison realizes the FRAUD as a FRAUD and turns his Red coat to Blue, joining Jefferson in the desperate fight to push the Genie back in the bottle, to no avail.

The Civil War, no surprise to those who made it happen on purpose, with the aforementioned Dirty Compromise (Three Fifths Clause and other less demonstrably immoral deals), and the rest is our history to write on fraudulent paper, or by some more competitively accurate accounting means.

Read it an weep, or can anyone come up with a competitive alternative?