Comment: I find it odd..

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I find it odd..

that so many people appear to believe that Ron Paul agrees with them on their own view of abortion. Yet, there are many of us who disagree on this issue. Ron Paul has been clear on his stance with regards to abortion. To follow through on a constitutional approach, and to do everything Ron Paul is advocating, would result in the unborn legally being recognized as human life in every state. What would differ is legal jurisdiction, and resulting penalties, due to the fact that ending a human life on non-federal owned property within state lines has never been federal crime. Each state would have it's own penalties and laws to deal with those who provide abortions. To be clear, it's likely this could mean that some states may not charge the mother at all, as the abortionist is the one carrying out the act of ending the life of the unborn.

I should add that Ron Paul has long advocated overturning Roe v Wade by a majority vote in Congress. The establishment GOP has rejected going this route because they do not want states to have access to their constitutional right to determine the proper punishment for this offense.