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A slightly less snarky response...

...than the one by "the Baptist"

The problem is that if that baby inside the mother's womb is an individual human being, then an abortion kills that baby (deprives it of its life, liberty, and opprotunity to pursue happiness) without its consent. If that baby is a human, then it's not an issue about women's rights--it's an issue about the baby's rights. That's why there have been attempts to legally that an individual human life begins at conception, in various states (by way of ammendments to those states' constitutions, I believe).

The entire abortion discussion hinges on the question of when human life begins. If it begins at birth, then abortion should be left up to the woman. If it begins at conception, then abortion is homicide of the most defenseless of all humans.

As far as Christianity is concerned, there are many who (I think) are mistaken about the role of the Christian as a U.S. citizen. Many Christians seem to get self-righteously angry about the morality of the nation. However, "true Christianity", as you put it, is not a passive love. There are many Christians who do believe that abortion is the killing of an innocent life, and are very passionate about protecting the unborn. You'll find many of them volunteering at pregnancy care centers and in groups who go to pray around Planned Parenthood centers. There may be some nuts out there, but these Christians are not the people who are burning down abortion clinics and trying to murder abortion doctors. These are often women who have had an abortion and have discovered the emotional and psychological pain of an abortion and, out of love, want to help pregnant women consider other options so they don't have to experience the same pain.

Thaks for expressing your thoughts and listening to mine.