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"Life Begins at Conception" States Ron Paul

In the words of Ron Paul "having delivered more then 4,000 babies, I can assure you life begins at conception" So he would disagree with you that an unborn child is not legally considered life.
Any state that allows Abortion violates the 14th ammendment, and in fact the federal government has every right to step in and stop this infanticide.
The 14th Ammendment was added to the constitution after the civil war, because some southern sates still held that slaves should be deemed as non persons without the same freedoms as whites. For example one southern state would not allow blacks to own firearms, which violated the 2nd ammendment. Therfore the federal government stepped in because of a clear cut violation of the federal constitution.
In the same manner there are many out there today that are trying to say that the unborn, just like the blacks during the civil war era, should be treated as non persons and that the states somehow should decide who recieves their constitutional rights and who does not.
No Sir, its a very black and white issue (no pun intended) Each person has a God given right that cannot be taken away from us by either the federal or State government. Unfortunately, to date no Executive branch officer has had the courage to step in and enforce this Constitutional protection of the unborn upon the states, by force if necessary.