Comment: I recently quit coffee

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I recently quit coffee

I recently quit coffee because my husband and I are planning to get pregnant. I'm pretty clear on coffee having been a dependable birth control for the past decade, never having missed a bleeding cycle, and not having any other form of birth control while being sexually active. We might just be a bit infertile, and I am underweight and I work a physical job; so there are those factors. I'm sure my way would not work for everyone, and i'm sure I've had at least a few fertilized zygotes that failed to catch.

Ever try being married and not having any sex? For me, such a marriage would not last long enough to gain the stability to start a family.

This is a pretty big issue for me. I'm just as adamantly pro-choice as I am pro Paul, it is the only area where I disagree with him. I'm here in the Paul camp because I see Rule of Law as the first step toward any progress, so an overturning of Roe v.s. Wade is a "necessary evil" on that path.

Your view is nieve to the real world and the challenges that women face. I have a close friend who has had two little bodies to burry this year, because she had two pregnancies that she could not have carried while continuing to be the primary provider and care taker for her toddler. Not having sex is not an option for her, because she would loose her husband, and she needs his supplemental support to feed, house, and provide child-care. All forms of birth controle are barred to her because of allergies, other health concerns, and sever financial limits. She wanted to carry and mother those babies, she wanted to give her child a younger sibling to grow up with, and she did not have the strength or support to.

Your statement impies that to carry a child is like having something in your pocket for a while and then giving it away. Every pregnancy is a risk of death for the mother, and every pregnancy has the potential to irrevocably change a woman's body. Woman who are pregnant can loose their hair, and loose teeth as well as bone mass, they often get scars that they will cary for the rest of their lives. There is vast pain and restriction of liberty. Try living your normal life when you need to pee every 15-30 min. (hint, it's not possible) The deciding factor in my friends abortions was the realization that she would be abandoning her responsibility to her toddler, when there was no-one to pick up the slack, and that her own personal risk of dying (she has health issues that most do not) was considerable. She may morn the loss for ever, but she made the responsible choice for her and her family.

When the state government steps in and makes laws governing what goes on inside a woman's body, they are divorced from reality and serve to feed the prison system rather then support healthy families.

There is nothing pro-life about putting a 15 year old girl in jail for life because she had a still birth, even if she was smoking crack. It is a criminalization of being female that causes incalculable injustice, and destroys more life then it produces.