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Romney attends Bilderberg....

...while Rand praises him in a 5-minute FOX NEWS segment a week ago.

While Carol tells us how friendly she has become with Ann, and how the Paul grandchildren like and play with the Romney children on the "campaign trail."

While the campaign refuses to run ONE SINGLE ATTACK AD that would have brought Romney down after it was just the two of them-- when the contrast between the choice, Paul/Romney, could have led to massive victories everywhere.

While Rome burns...we build a "movement"...

I am truly sorry to sound so negative here, but we do not have time for this. The Republic is hanging by a thread--and THE REPUBLIC CAN NOT SURVIVE four years of bankster/Bilderberger ROMNEY!

Go ahead and down vote until your hearts content.

Kudos for this thread, Kevin. We'd better figure out what happened here, and SOON. I do not have the answers, just pointing out the very disturbing facts.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

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