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The Iron Man or Flip Flopney?

Give me a challenge. Unless The Good Doctor's name is on my ballot, I'll be returning to the Libertarian fold and voting Johnson.

As far as Romney's being "less bad" than Marat Obama -- in what way? They are both high taxing prohibitionist gun-grabbing FED-enabling bail-out nannocrats.

A question for those who would (again) fall for the "lesser of two evils" argument: In your lifetime, what Republican President has actually rolled back the size of the Fe'ral Govt or eliminated a Fe'ral department or program? Answer, of course, is NONE. Even Ronald ("Cut'n'Run") Reagan merely slowed (slightly) the RATE of GROWTH.

Obviously, I was (and am) hoping that Dr Paul would be the first, but again, if he is not an option come November, then I go back to throwing sand into the gears of state and will vote Libertutionist down the line.

Give me liberty, or give me gridlock.

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