Comment: I agree with you, Trey

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I agree with you, Trey

We can't change the Republican Party over night. There has to be a transitional period and we're going through that right now. If Rand keeps doing what he's doing in the Senate, we'll be OK. He will still be the voice of Liberty. In the end, it's up to us, those of us pissed off at the establishment, to keep fighting for the smaller fiscally conservative government liberty movement from the ground up. I'm a PC for my district and will do my best to work hard to get the Party more (or back) in line with Dr. Paul's beliefs. If it's to be, it's up to me, right?

I write it all the time that when I read the speech by Ulysses S. Grant on "Reasons to be a Republican" I thought, "What happened to THIS Party?" In a park kitty corner from my work there is a statue, and on it is written "Unselfish Public Service." That's what we need and that's what we Paul supporters must become at every level of government, local to Federal. It's our fault the Party is what it is and it's our duly appointed job to clean it up.

Of course, Rand isn't his Dad. Who can fill those shoes? It doesn't make him a "sell out" to endorse Romney. It's good political chess and he will still tell it like it is at the hearings he's in. You watch. He's still liberty minded and giving us a voice. By 2016, the nation will be ready for a Libertarian leaning Republican. Or a straight up Libertarian. Personally, I can't wait that long, so I'll still be voting for Ron, but, like child birth, the pain of the transition will be worth the joy that follows.