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Understanding the impact it

Understanding the impact it can have in a movement that is growing and looking to rally more people to support it is something I think you are missing ronpaulswag.

People love Ron Paul for many reasons, but one of which is his uncompromising priniciples. When you endorse someone you are agreeing with their message and their actions. Endorsements are never to be taken lightly and will affect how people look at you. Rand Paul lost a lot of respect from me when he endorsed Romney and I am not sure if he could ever get that back. By endorsing Mitt Romney he is basically saying he agrees with everything that Mitt Romney stands for, and I for one can not get behind a person like that.

If he did this to further his "chess game" campaign for next year then he may have very well lost a lot of liberty movement supporters. He may gain the sheeple, but he won't have the support of some of the most dedicated grassroots supporters that his father did. We've all seen how effective the sheeple Romney supporters have been in their caucuses. Without the GOP interference they were getting slayed by the dedicated, ferverent, liberty loving RP supporters.

Personally if I were Rand I would much rather have kept my priniciples and kept my liberty supporters who have shown to be dedicated to the cause and will fight tooth and nail. Rand would have had four years to gain leverage over the "sheeple" and wake more people up. He could have taken the mantle and helped the liberty movement flourish further. He would have maintained that grassroots support that his father has and would have had a great resource to tap. But with his support to Mitt Romney he may have lost a significant chunk of that support and it may hurt him come 2016 when he needs to prove to those "sheeple" that Liberty is a great thing.

All in all it was a gamble he took and he will have to live with the ramifications of his actions. If it works in his favor good, but I doubt it will.