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done the research,

but apparently you haven't.

Gary Johnson is an Israel-loving warmonger who would attack Iran, keep Gitmo and its torture going, attack any country who he deems need "humanitarian warfare" waged against it, would keep the Federal Reserve intact, keep the IRS intact, and is basically a total neocon.

On top of that he's got all the horrific social-leftist baggage like pro-abortion.

He knows nothing about Austrian Economics. He's never read Mises, Rothbard, or any of it. He admitted it in a recent interview.

He knows NOTHING about libertarianism, or even anything about paleoconservatism.
He has no qualifications to be considered even in the same universe as Ron Paul.

He's a pathetic piece of sh!t.
I wouldn't vote for Johnson if he was the last worm on earth.