Comment: This bares repeating:

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This bares repeating:

Dr. Paul is our LAST, our only, chance for a political solution. Unless he wins the oval office it will not matter one iota what strategy the GOP adopts, what Mitt promised Rand; etc.

These united States has one more chance, and one only, to resurrect the republic. There will not be national, general elections in 2016 if Dr. Paul doesn't win it all in 2012.

We will dissolve, as a nation, into something resembling the USSR, circa 1989, with several states seceding and with an armed citizenry, it will get ugly fast.

If Dr. Paul doesn't win, and with his traitor for a son's endorsement of Romney now it appears likely, I can see him going home to Texas to lead a secessionist movement after his retirement from congress.

We had better pray that NESARA is real and that it's announced prior to November or we are all screwed.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose