Comment: Maybe it's because I'm older that . . .

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Maybe it's because I'm older that . . .

I don't see Rand as a traitor.

Ron Paul knows something *we* don't know--

We weren't at the breakfast with Bernanke. Romney, purportedly, was at Bilderberg.

Rand didn't spend 18 years in his father's home without learning about the nature of the evil corporate banksters that are trying to control the world.

The economy is dissolving; there will be no elections in 2016 is my guess--

Prepare and hold the banner of freedom high in your hearts--

it is important to keep that spark of liberty alive as times become much worse than they are now.

Anger, violence, blaming individuals who aren't God--won't help.

Dr. Paul was a GOP candidate for one reason, *I* believe--

to help wake Americans up. The more Americans who are awakened NOW the sooner this nation will be able to rebuild after the "waste particles" hit the fan--

No point in blaming Rand. *We* don't know what his agenda is. But that is just the point; *we* don't know. Whether or not he is a traitor to the cause of liberty is known only to him.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--