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Your research is pretty sh!tty

Johnson is not a warmonger by any stretch of the imagination. Do you even know what the word means? Did he support invasion of Iraq? He advocates an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. Does that make him a warmonger? I have never heard him utter a word about attacking Iran.

Israel-loving. Does he wear an "I love Israel" button? "Do you mean "Israel right or wrong"? r3VOLution mean anything to you? Or are you to filled with venom?

Pro-abortion is a simplistic sound bite. A very complicated issue over which many have struggled. Quite a few libertarians are pro-abortion. Ron Paul ran on the Libertarian ticket.

Who cares if he hasn't read Rothbard, and Mises! I have never read Mises! Has he read the CONSTITUTION of the UNTIED STATES??? If not then you have a point.

If Ron Paul is your GOD then yea, no one else measures up.

A little research would show that Johnson, like Dr. Paul, doesn't pretend to be a constitutionalist, an economist, a lawyer, or any other sort of expert.

You have one but one vote. Cast it wisely.