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A Republican loss in the general election might still bring out the long knives. Judging from many of the posts and comments here on Daily Paul, it is obvious that Rand's endorsement will not be enough to keep the loser's scorched earth policy from extinguishing the grassroots. It will really come down to Ron Paul, and what he has planned for Tampa.

Rand may only be the straw man to open our eyes to the inevitable, and only Ron can seal the deal of keeping the grassroots safe through the 2012 election. There is a lot at stake, which I am sure they are aware.

Ron is a builder, not a destroyer (except when you want to destroy that which is destructive... the FED!). I think you can bet a good amount of fiat money that he will do everything in his power to protect what has been built in the name of liberty throughout this election cycle.

Because how many ex-libertarians or Ron Paul supporters do any of us know???