Comment: Define what lines you will never cross and stick to it.

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Define what lines you will never cross and stick to it.

Make a decision. Decide where the line is. Where is the line that you will not cross - not ever? On what will you NEVER compromise?

For example, vow to never elect/reelect/support someone who supported the horrific unconstitutional provisions of the NDAA and/or who has supported implementing or renewing the Patriot Act!

No to Romney. No to Obama. Not even with a gun to my head would I ever vote for either of them. Even if Ron Paul himself endorsed Romney - that won't buy my vote. That will not get me to cross that line.

Vote me down, but don't give me some BS that voting for evil (even in your view the 'lesser of two evils') produces good rather than evil. If more people had a line of NO COMPROMISE ON THE CONSTITUTION, perhaps all of those who enacted the Patriot act would never have been reelected. Perhaps enough would have been thrown out of office so that the Patriot Act would never have been renewed. Perhaps our current 'representatives' would never have dared to pass the NDAA; let alone craft legislation like SOPA, PIPA, etc, etc, etc. Perhaps we would have more lovers of liberty in office rather than those who can't seem to burn the Constitution quickly enough.

We will get as much tyranny as we will put up with. So, decide where your lines are and stand by them. People keep compromising 'just a little'; keep electing leaders who cross the line - but vote for them anyway because they are the 'lesser' of two evils. Wake-up and look around; watch the drones overhead; look at how we imprison more people per capita than ANY other country on Earth; ask yourself if you are free-er now than 5, 10, 15 years ago - then ask yourself how that 'voting for the lesser of two evils' is working out for you.